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MA Degree – Concentration in Christian Counseling

The major in the Master of Arts degree is the focused area of study designed to prepare a student for a specific career path or professional goal. Courses in the major define the subject areas of expertise being developed by the student.

Purpose of the Major

To prepare learners to offer a professional Christian counseling ministry, equipping learners in both Scriptural truth and counseling science in order to assist troubled individuals, families, and groups.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learners will develop skills needed in a professional Christian counseling ministry in a church or other ministry setting.
  2. Learners will be equipped to utilize both Scriptural truth and counseling science in counseling.
  3. Learners will develop the formation of the Christian practitioner in assisting the troubled individuals, families, and groups.

Program Structure – 33 Credits Minimum

  • RW 001 Trinity Tutorial – 0 credits
  • Theology Core – 6 credits
  • Pastoral Ministry Core – 9 credits
  • Concentration Core – 18 credits

A minimum of 33 credits must be earned through Trinity.

Theology Core – 6 Credits

  • TH 511 Theology I
  • TH 512 Theology II

Pastoral Ministry Core – 9 Credits

  • CM 635 Interpersonal Forgiveness
  • CM 526 Managing Conflict
  • PM 549 Small Group Dynamics

Concentration Core – 18 Credits1

  • CC 501 Counseling Theories and the Christian Counselor
  • CC 502 Counseling Techniques and the Helping Relationship for the Christian Counselor
  • CC 503 Assessment Skills and Treatment Planning for the Christian Counselor
  • CC 504 Marriage Counseling in Christian Counseling
  • CC 505 Ethics for the Christian Counselor
  • Choose one course:

    • PM 636 Spiritual Disciplines
    • CM 565 Dealing with Difficult People
    • CM 650 Principles of Church Discipline
    • PM 542 The Art of Mentoring

1 Note: The Christian Counseling (CC) masters level courses may not be available in all delivery systems.

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