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Doctor of Philosophy – Advanced Placement


The Doctor of Philosophy at Trinity is an advanced degree program designed to enhance the analytical, interpersonal, and professional skills of our adult learners and provide them with superior ability for positions of leadership and ministry. Through the thorough analysis of precedent literature and current issues and trends, students discern how to interpret and respond to contemporary theories and practices, and how to deploy their knowledge, understanding, and skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Dissertation. A Ph.D. student will successfully complete a dissertation. The research project is designed to expand the knowledge of a field and to demonstrate that the degree candidate has conducted independent scholarly analysis and implementation of research findings in ministry context.

Purpose: To develop educational and ministry leaders based on a biblical worldview.

Learning Competencies:

    1. Learners will interact with the content of the chosen program through analysis, critical evaluation, and synthesis, culminating in a Dissertation.
    2. Learners will conduct independent scholarly analysis and implement research findings in ministry context.

Ph.D. – Advanced Placement Degree Structure

RW 001 Trinity Tutorial – 0 credits

RW 800 Research Within a Christian Worldview – 3 credits

Electives in Focus Area of Study – 9 credits
Any 3 courses chosen in consultation with Project Chair. To be assigned Project Chair, learners should send e-mail to contactfaculty@trinitysem.edu.

RW 756 Dissertation – 12 credits

General Ph.D. – Advanced Placement Information
Prerequisite for Ph.D. – Advanced Placement: Two Master’s degrees or M.Div. or Doctorate or 60 master’s level semester credit hours.

Total Credits required = 24. Credits for transfer are available for the Ph.D. – Advanced Placement degree on a case-by-case basis subject to review by the Academic Committee. All courses are 3 semester credit hours unless noted otherwise. Courses may be taken in any order unless otherwise specified. Awarding degree credit for experiential learning is not available at the doctoral level.