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Why Choose Trinity?

For more than 40 years Trinity has been providing adult learners with flexible degree programs.
In 2015, we are on the leading edge of technology to deliver your education. You can enjoy Global Classmates, Online Classes, and Accelerated Learning at an affordable cost.

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Our mission is to provide you with an online degree program that compliments and honors your previous education and experience; fosters your spiritual growth; and hones your skills for Christian service.

  • Our degree and certificate programs are achieved 100% through online learning.
  • Undergraduate programs include the Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts
  • Graduate programs include the Master of Arts and Master of Divinity.
  • Post-Graduate degrees include the Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Religious Studies and Doctor of Philosophy
  • Rolling admissions allows you to start anytime and move through studies at your own pace
  • Accelerated programming offers live webinar class settings, greater student/faculty interaction, and quicker course completion.
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