My “Free Thought” of the Day – By Johnathan Pritchett

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When I think of the diversity of views and opinions on theology, philosophy, culture, politics, social issues, and so forth among conservative Evangelicals, I am always impressed with such diversity in the ways they all think differently about such things.

When I think of North American Christianity, the amount of diversity in thought increases. When I consider global Christendom, that diversity of thought on theology, culture, politics, social issues, and so forth increases even more.

However, when I consider those atheists, agnostics, and skeptics who call themselves “free thinkers,” I am shocked at how little diversity in thoughts there is among them regarding these same sorts of things. They all basically say the same things, believe the same things, think the same things, do the same things, repeat, repeat, repeat the same things…

So, how “free” is that thought among them after all?

Oh well. I am left to conclude the following:

However “free” the thinking is among the “free thinkers,” there certainly isn’t much thought among them.

Breaking Bread in Corinth – By Bart Marnitz

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Achaicus made the trek to the bakery hours before the rising of the sun. He had traveled this way so often that he knew every pavement stone, every rut, it was all so familiar. Yet, he was grateful. His was a peaceful if not prosperous life. Even after 17 years, he still loved the smell of the baking bread. That smell meant money where he earned enough to provide for his family. Enough, but little more, certainly not enough to gain the status so many desired. Still, he was a free man. Not a slave or a Roman citizen, he didn’t have a position of power or prestige, but in between the two and had the honor due a man of his position. Continue reading

Santa and Theology – by Braxton Hunter

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The Christmas skirmish is upon us. Whoops. The Christmas season is upon us. Actually, it has been a skirmish, if not a full-blown battle, for the past several years. Don’t look at my blog like that. You know exactly what I mean. About this time of the year we begin to hear inflamed opinions from university professors, rabbis, politicians, commentators and Christian pastors. Admittedly, I get irritated by modern attempts to pry “Christ” out of the “mass” of holiday trappings as much as anyone. Vigorously I resisted my compulsion to get on a soap-box at the Chicago intl Airport recently when my eyes fell on the words “holiday tree” and simply satisfied myself with a good eye-rolling. Nevertheless, I’m annoyed with the whole conflict. I miss entering this time of year with childlike delight, far removed from the wreckage of colliding worldviews. I know. I was as surprised as anyone. Enjoying spirited debates, I usually welcome an entire month being dedicated to declaring the preeminence of the Christian faith and the reality of the virgin birth in the face of secularism. Maybe this year I’m weary with it all because our daughters, Jolie and Jaclyn, should get to experience it the right way. Don’t get me wrong! I’m still in favor of the debate being had. I’m just going to trust all of you to pick up the slack for me this year. I like Santa Claus for what he is and I’m going to let Jolie do the same. However, I found him to be a helpful analogy in a recent discussion. Continue reading