Independent Study Courses

For Trinity’s students in Independent Study programs, we have streamlined and simplified the process of doing your course work. For each Independent Study course that you are taking (those with a “IS”, “DE” or “ISC” in the course code), the first thing you will need is your study guide. The official study guide for your course is a self-contained document that has the required textbooks, assignments and supplemental materials that you will need to complete every aspect of your course. Consult your registration or student records, and use the form below if you need to request a study guide for any of your Independent Study courses.

To request a Course Study Guide for a Course, fill out the following form. PLEASE NOTE that Study Guides are for INDEPENDENT STUDY CLASSES ONLY. For On Demand Webinar courses, all of your instructions are found in your TOLC classroom.

If you would prefer to drop the Independent Study course and take the On Demand webinar format, you may do so, at no charge, using this link:

Webinar Enrollment Request Form

Once you have your study guide, read through it completely. You’ll have a list of textbooks that you’ll need to purchase or borrow.You can buy them from online booksellers like Amazon, look for them in local libraries, search in online libraries, or borrow them from friends–whatever method works out best for you. Once you have your textbooks, begin reading, and follow the instructions for each of the assignments in the study guide. Be sure to read the “Online Lesson Submissions” instructions at the link below–they will give you the specifics of formatting your course work. Always follow the specifications found in the Online Lesson Submission Instructions unless noted otherwise in your study guide.

Each assignment will be uploaded using the form on the Online Lesson Submissions page as a single file, in Microsoft Word format. Once you have uploaded your lesson, it is received by Trinity and sent for grading. Grading may take up to 21 days.

To Submit Your Course work, use the instructions and the form found here:

Online Lesson Submission Instructions

If  it has been beyond 21 days since your submission, you can check on the status of your course work here:

Check on Lessons

And to check on your progress and see your grades and financial information, you’ll need access to your student records, which you can find here:

Student Access to Database Records

If you have any further questions, please let us know at