How To Petition Trinity

Written Petitions to an Academic Advisor are required for the following:

  • Change in Courses
  • Reduction of Courses
  • Increase of Courses
  • Change of Program
  • Re-enrollment (May also be requested by telephone)
  • Re-activation of Expired Enrollment Agreement

Written Petitions to the Academic Committee are required for the following:

  • Appeal refund policy decisions
  • Grievances
  • Other Academic Matters

Written petitions may be in the form of a postal letter, a fax, or an email. The written correspondence should be addressed to Academic Advisor OR Academic Committee and should include Student ID number and contact information. Postal letters should be sent to:

Trinity College of The Bible and Theological Seminary
P.O. Box 1107
Evansville, IN 47706

Faxes should be sent to (812) 602-3390. Emails should be sent to, or an Academic Advisor can be contacted. Students should allow at least six weeks response time for any written petition to the Academic Committee.