Proctored Examinations

Proctored Examinations are designed to measure the student’s comprehension of the materials covered in each course. Given at the end of most courses, the Proctored Summation comprises a review of information given from all relevant sources. Students required to take end-of-course Proctored Examinations are asked to name a proctor, arrange a test time with the proctor, and provide the proctor’s name, address, and occupation. Students may select any responsible adult to serve as proctor (i.e., clergy, educator, administrator, doctor, lawyer, businessperson, or public official) to whom they are not related by either blood or marriage. Trinity will send the testing materials to the proctor in time for the arranged testing time: The proctor will administer the examination and return it directly to the school.

It is the student’s responsibility to request Proctored Examinations from Trinity. Once the request is received, the school will verify that all the course assignments have been received. Only then will the school issue the Proctored Examination. The exam will be emailed to the proctor, who will administer the exam and mail it directly to the school.

Students are requested to please understand that there may be delays in processing the request for the Proctored Examination if evidence indicates that all course assignments have not been submitted. If the examination is unable to be processed in a timely fashion due to lack of said evidence, the Academic Office will hold the request for up to two weeks during which time the department will check to see if the said evidence of course completion has been gathered. In these cases, Trinity will inform the student by email of the issue causing the delay.

All Proctored Examinations are to be handwritten. Exceptions must be approved by the Academic Committee prior to taking the Proctored Examination for a course. You can find out how to petition the Academic Committee here.

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