Proctored Summations

Please note that these instructions only apply to courses with a BEM course code.


After receiving the grade for your final submission in this course, you must schedule the Proctored Summation. (Doctoral students are required to submit a reflection paper. This paper should be submitted with the Proctored Summation.)

The Proctor

Contract a friend or colleague who will observe you as you complete the Proctored Summation for this course. Your proctor must be a responsible adult who is not related to you by blood or marriage.

The Schedule

Choose a mutually agreeable time and place where you and the proctor can meet. The location should be conducive to the testing procedure.

The Time Required for the Summation

You will determine the time required to complete the Summation, based on your determination of word count, legibility and quality of content. Two to three hours is the average time required to complete the Summation.

The Event

The proctor will officially begin the session. The proctor will observe you as you complete the Proctored Summation.

The Restrictions

You are not allowed to use personal study notes or books. If the course code has BEM in it, you may type your summation.

The Proctored Summation

When the proctor allows you to begin, you are to write a summation of what you have learned in the course. In both word count and content, you will be expected to write at your academic level. Be sure to include the important components in this course.

Proctored Summation Validation

After completing the Proctored Summation, the proctor must complete the Cover Page (see below). Staple the Cover Page to the Proctored Summation.


You may submit it online, or you can submit it via postal mail at:

Trinity College of the Bible & Theological Seminary
PO Box 717
Newburgh Indiana 47629-0717

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