The Trinity Digital Ministry Programs

Welcome to Digital Ministry at Trinity College of the Bible and Seminary!

The 21st century brings with it both challenges and opportunities for Christian Churches to fulfill the Great Commission in the digital age. The Digital Ministry courses at Trinity explores the digital age and its impact on preaching, teaching, discipleship, missions, outreach, fellowship, and leadership. But that’s not all. The Digital Ministry courses at Trinity provide show pastors and Christian leaders how to use digital tools and technologies for the glory of God.

Each course is carefully crafted and presented from a Bible-based perspective to ensure that all students, no matter their level of expertise or comfort with the technologies of the digital age will learn new skills, develop new insights, and acquire the strength to lead their churches in the 21st century.

Enroll in one of these new digital ministry courses and experience digital ministry first hand.

Contemporary Digital Ministry
Mobile Ministry
Social Media Ministry
Publishing for Pastors
Starting a Dedicated Digital Ministry
Core Digital Ministry Tools
Learning and Teaching in Online Classrooms
Marketing for Non Profit Organizations
Giving and Offerings in a Digital Age

Trinity Offers is Digital Ministry programs at three different degree levels:

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Ministry and Worship Arts

Master of Arts in Digital Ministry and Worship Arts

Doctor of Religious Studies in Digital Ministry and Worship Arts

Courses are taught by Dr. E. M. Kaye, author of The Christian Church in the Digital Age: Over 501 Digital Ministry Ideas for Pastors and Christian Leaders.