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Master of Arts Degree

Trinity offers the Master of Arts degree with 9 different majors. The MA degree consists of 33-36 credits minimum (the minimum dependent on the chosen major) across the areas of M.A. Core Studies and Major Core Studies.

Purpose of the MA Degree

To equip learners for Christian service through biblical, theological, and practical studies.

Learning Competencies

  1. Learners will develop advanced skills in the interpretation and application of Scripture.
  2. Learners will develop an advanced understanding of the contents and coherence of biblical literature.
  3. Learners will interact with the content of the chosen major through analysis, critical evaluation, and application within their ministry and professional context.

Program Structure – 33-36 Credits Minimum

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree. Some students may be allowed to enter into an M.A. degree program without an undergraduate degree.

Total Credits Required = 36 for Biblical Counseling; 33 for all other majors. A minimum of 18 core credits must be earned through Trinity with the exception of the major in Biblical Counseling which requires a minimum of 21 core credits to be earned at Trinity. All courses are 3 semester credit hours unless noted otherwise. Courses may be taken in any order unless otherwise specified.

A maximum of 15 credits may be satisfied via a combination of transfer credit and the Graduate Portfolio. General Elective credits must meet one of two criteria: (1) comparable to a course taught at Trinity or (2) connectivity to Trinity's program as demonstrated by fulfillment of one of Trinity's Mission Objectives. Transfer (grades of "B" or above) must satisfy the requirements of the program.

  • RW 001 Trinity Tutorial – 0 credits
  • Master's General Electives – 12 credits
  • M.A. Core Studies – 3 credits
  • Major Core Studies – 18-21 credits (number dependent upon the Major)

M.A. Core Courses – 3 Credits

M.A. Core Studies form 3 credits of the 33-36 credits minimum for the MA degree. M.A. Core Studies are from specific Biblical Studies and Theology subject areas.

  • TH 533 New Testament Theology

Major Core Studies – 18-21 Credits

Major Core Studies form 18-21 credits of the 33-36 credits minimum for the MA degree. Details on the courses and subject areas in the desired major can be found through the corresponding link below.