Bachelor of Arts


To develop in learners foundational knowledge and analytical skills within a Christian worldview that will equip them for ministry and community service.

Learning Competencies:

General B.A. Structure

General B.A. Information

Prerequisite: High School Diploma or its equivalent, or successful completion of 12 college-level semester credits with a ‘C’ or higher for each course.

Total Credits Required = 120. A minimum of 27 credits must be earned at Trinity consisting of 6 Bible Core credits, 18 Major Core credits, and 3 Spiritual Formation credits. All courses are 3 semester credit hours unless noted otherwise (Spiritual Formation Courses are 1 credit hour each). Courses may be taken in any order unless otherwise specified. A maximum of 93 credits may be satisfied via transfer credits from other educational institutions. General Elective credits must meet one of two criteria: (1) comparable to a course taught at Trinity, or (2) connectivity to Trinity’s program as demonstrated by fulfillment of one of Trinity’s Mission Objectives. Transfer (grades of ‘C’ or above) must satisfy the requirements of the program.
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