Enrollment Advisors

 Trinity Enrollment Advisors

 Trinity has Enrollment Advisors ready to help you through every step of the way. Our enrollment advisors are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard time. Our advisors can answer questions about course work, required classes, tuition, fees, and the schedule for online classes and webinar classes. Feel free to call if you have questions, or an enrollment advisor can easily and quickly be reached by email.

Your enrollment advisor will be available to you throughout the duration of your program. They are capable of giving advice on course progress, make recommendations for courses, or point you in the right direction to finish your degree or certificate program.

Contact a Trinity Enrollment Advisor

Contact Information:

Telephone: 800-457-5510 (U.S.)
Telephone: 812-602-3320 (Outside U.S.)
Email: contact@trinitysem.edu.

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