100% Online Seminary? 100% Awesome!

One of the things that distinguishes Trinity from other online seminary and online bible college programs is that our programs are 100% online.

How does a 100% online seminary benefit you, the student?

1) Work at your own pace. 

Everything we do revolves around enabling you to work at your own pace.  This includes things like on-demand webinars and independent study options.  This means if you have a family emergency, a ministry emergency, or a really busy week or two of work you can focus on those things and get back to your class work when time allows.

2) Work on your own schedule.

Most of our students are either already serving in ministry full-time or have another full time job and are studying to enter the ministry full-time. Many of our students have children at home too.  We understand this makes for some crazy schedules. As a 100% online seminary and bible college, you can take classes when it’s convenient for you, whether that’s 5 AM, on your lunch break, after the kids are in bed, or on the weekend.

3) No commute.

If you were to get your degree at a local seminary or bible college, you would have to drive to and from campus multiple times a week.  Trinity students have no commute at all.  They just login to their laptop or tablet from their home or office to watch lectures and do class work.

4) No travel.

Many “online seminary” programs and “online bible college” programs are not entirely online.  Some require expensive and time-consuming travel to their campus for exams or week-long intensive classes.  Trinity’s online seminary and online bible college programs are 100% online. You are not required to travel to our beautiful campus in Evansville, Indiana.  (Though we would love for you to visit and meet in person if you can.)

If the benefits of a 100% online seminary or 100% online bible college would help you, fill out the “Request More Information” form on the right side of this page.

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