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Dr. Braxton HunterEducational institutions are built upon several important elements, one of which is community involvement. Many colleges and seminaries satisfy this requirement by offering faculty lectures and seasonal functions for the community at large. One way Trinity satisfies this requirement is through Trinity Crusades for Christ, a ministry outreach of the school, by proclaiming the gospel message to spiritually needy people across America. What better way can a Christian college or theological seminary make a positive impact than to bring hopeless souls and defeated believers into a new relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?

Included in the Trinity Crusades for Christ outreach are:
• Area Crusades;
• City-Wide and Church Revivals;
• Empowerment Suicide Prevention Presentations for Teens in Public and
Private Schools, Veterans, and adults in retirement centers/assisted living facilities;
• Motivational Addresses to Civic Clubs;
• Church Growth Seminars.

As a Trinity student, you can experience the joy and pride that comes from the knowledge that your school is the only institution of higher learning in the world that has its own full-time Evangelist, and, through the Crusades ministry, has recorded over 237,000 decisions for Christ, from the time the Crusades began in January 1991.


Teen Suicide Prevention programs began in 1991 and have evolved into Empowerment Suicide Prevention programs which include Veterans and adults in retirement centers/assisted living facilities.

Since that time, Dr. Harold Hunter and Dr. Braxton Hunter have presented live, face-to-face Teen Suicide Prevention programs to more than 1.2 million teenagers in public high schools across America. These programs prevented hundreds of suicides which had already been planned by these teens who attended the program.

Live presentations for veterans as well as senior citizens in nursing homes and retirement centers all across the nation. Trinity is now working to halt the shocking rise of suicides in teenagers, Veterans, and senior adults that is reaching epidemic levels.


If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Crusades Ministry and/or the Empowerment Suicide Prevention program, please Click Here to donate.

Make checks payable to Trinity Crusades for Christ. If you want your gift designated for the Empowerment Suicide Prevention ministry, print ESP on the memo line.

You may also contact Ms. Michelle Noble at or call her at 812-853-0611.

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