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Trinity Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors are available to assist students with a myriad of issues. Advisors are co-mentors and trained to facilitate the students’ academic progression from the beginning of the program through graduation. They serve as a conduit for academic information as well as advisory support for students’ needs and problems. Trinity has a system in place to allow Academic Advisors to cross-reference their student notes allowing students to work with more than one advisor at a time.

An Academic Advisor can help you find the right webinar and sign up for classes, from our current schedule that will best suit your program, interests, or the needs of your ministry. They can help answer academic questions about your course work and point you in the right direction for the myriad of resources that Trinity has online. Your Academic Advisor is your first line of defense in managing and completing your degree or certificate program.

Contact Information:


800-457-5510 (U.S.)


812-602-3320 (Outside U.S.)

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