As per the web-design artist’s hire-on agreement;
credit will be given to the web-designer in the website, but on a hidden page.

This page is the designated area for the above listed agreement and, as such, shall not be deleted, removed, renamed, nor changed in any way for the life of the website as long as ANY of the web-designer’s content is in use in ANY area of the website.

The purpose of this page is to allow the web-designer to maintain his/her rights, as well as to show proof that he/she did, in fact, design/build this website to prospective clients.

The Following Clauses Are In Action For The Entirety Of The Website’s Life

  1. Artist may maintain Portfolio and Moral Rights.
  2. Artist’s Right to Authorship Credit. Artist may use Work in Artist’s portfolio (including, but not limited to, any website that displays Artist’s works). Commissioner and Artist agree that when asked, Commissioner must properly identify Artist as the creator of Work. Commissioner does not have a proactive duty to display Artist’s name together with Work, but Commissioner may not seek to mislead others that Work was created by anyone other than Artist.
  3. Designer Tools. The Designer may incorporate certain Designer Tools into the Deliverables. “Designer Tools” means all design tools developed or utilized by Designer in performing the Services, including without limitation: pre-existing and newly developed software, Web authoring tools, type fonts, and application tools. In the event Designer Tools are incorporated into any Final Deliverable, then Designer grants Client a royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive license to use the Designer Tools to the extent necessary to use the Final Deliverables. Designer retains all other rights in the Designer Tools.
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