Audit Application

Audit Enrollment Form

A person who wishes to audit a Trinity course without credit must submit an Audit Enrollment. Permission may be denied if space is not available after the enrollment of regularly enrolled students, or if the course is not appropriate for auditing. Approved persons are required to pay an Audit Fee. Credit courses may not be changed to audit courses.

Although an auditor receives no credit, the class will appear on the student’s transcript with the grade of AU. The hours will not be applied toward meeting graduation requirements nor will the grade of AU be computed in the grade point average. An audit course may not be changed to a credit course at a later date under any circumstances.

The audited class will not appear on a Trinity transcript when taken by a non-Trinity student. An audit course taken prior to enrollment may be changed to a credit course upon completion of course requirements within 30 days of Trinity enrollment and payment of applicable tuition.

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