How To Write An Abstract

How to write an Abstract for Trinity’s Abstract Assignments

Writing an abstract for Trinity’s abstract assignment should be a one page summary of the work being covered. A paragraph should introduce the work and purpose of the text being covered in the assignment, and should be focused primarily on general information regarding the text.

The second paragraph should be a summary paragraph of the contents of the text, point out the major points or thesis of the work, and explain the overall purpose of the text. This paragraph should be broad and inclusive enough so that the reader of the abstract can be familiar with the contents, what is covered in the text, and the overall perspective of the author of the text.

The third paragraph of the text should be a personal evaluation of the text. It should also discuss the strengths and weaknesses (if any) of the text, give some discussion of what personal insights gained from having read and understood the material, and how the material will be beneficial to life, ministry, understanding, etc. (or not).

The final paragraph of an abstract assignment should be a concise summary statement about the work overall, as well as any final impressions about the text.   

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