Reintroducing Trinity Insight

Today we are reintroducing Trinity Insight: The Home of the Thinking Christian.

On this blog you’ll find articles, podcasts and videos on theology and ministry issues to learn from and share on social media. Trinity Insight content is created by the faculty of Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary and is freely available to everyone – students, faculty and those not directly involved with Trinity.

Our plan is to post one text blog post and one video blog post each week. We encourage you to subscribe to the Trinity YouTube channel and check back here a couple times a week for thought-provoking articles and videos.

We hope the content we provide here challenges you, fosters useful discussion, and helps you grow in your faith.

What questions, topics, and issues related to God, ministry, and living out your faith are you wrestling with? Comment and get the discussion moving forward.


Video Transcript

Welcome to Trinity Insight, the home of the Thinking Christian.

On this comprehensive blog, you’ll find articles that will help you grow as you study theology and ministry issues, podcasts so that you can continue your growth on the go, and videos that you can spread around on social media so that your friends can grow in knowledge as well. You may not have any interest in getting a degree, but you still want to be a part of the ongoing Christian dialogue.

Whether you’re a beginner, mature in your faith, or you’re a seminary student, Trinity Insight is here for you – a blog for the thinking Christian.

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