Trinity Online Seminary and Bible College Fosters Connections with Faculty and Students

One of the concerns some people have about pursuing a degree from an online seminary or online bible college is that they won’t have the same opportunities to interact with faculty and other students as they would if they took classes in a classroom setting.

The truth is, the interactions with staff and fellow students in an online seminary or online bible college are going to be different than a classroom setting. Students can’t arrive for class a few minutes early and chat with fellow students.  They can’t hang out after class to have a face-to-face conversation with their professor.  If you are looking for a face-to-face learning environment, where there is a lot of time for relationship-building, Trinity may not be for you.

However, we at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary have doing distance learning for 50 years. We understand responsive communication is essential for success.

Trinity Online Seminary Faculty are Accessible

Trinity teachers and professors have a lot of experience working with students in an online environment.  All of our faculty are available by email and phone.  Many of them even give out their cell phone numbers to their students.

We understand that many of our students watch lectures and work on class work in the evenings and weekends. Therefore, we make a point of being accessible and by phone and email in the evenings and on weekends as much as possible.

Trinity Online Bible College Fosters Student Interaction

Most Trinity online bible college classes and online seminary classes also have online forums. These online forums foster interaction among students and faculty.

On Demand Webinar Courses

Many of Trinity’s online bible college courses and online seminary courses are self-paced, which are extremely convenient, especially for our students who are extremely busy with work, ministry and family. By their nature, self-paced classes don’t allow for a group of students to go through the class together.

Therefore, Trinity also offers On Demand Webinar Courses.

An On Demand Webinar Course meets a total of four (4) weeks; course end date is six (6) weeks from the start date. The four weeks utilize asynchronous (non-real time) video lectures and online discussions. On Demand Webinar Courses provide students with a community of learning while completing course requirements, and allow for ongoing interaction with one of Trinity’s faculty members who are experts in their field of study, as well as interaction with other students in order to enrich the learning experience.

Each week you’ll pursue a different aspect of the topic, until all of your assignments are complete. Every On Demand webinar has a set completion date by which all assignments and discussion must be finished. This format strengthens student interaction and helps every Trinity student get the most from their class.

More information can be found on our On Demand Webinar Courses page.

For more information about Trinity, call us at 800-457-5510 or complete the Request More Information form on the right side of this page

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