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See the future of online education with Trinity Webinar Classes

Webinar classes offer students the opportunity to participate where you can listen to recorded lectures on your own anytime during the week – at home, the office, anywhere you have an internet connection. Each course is six (6) weeks long; Four (4) weeks of lectures where you will have books to read and typically two (2) weeks to complete your assignments (completed on your own time outside of class time). New classes start every month and students will be able to interact and participate in discussion with the professor and other students through chat in the webinar classroom. Access to all classroom materials will be through our Trinity Online Learning Center (TOLC), accessible anytime, anywhere.

Find out more about how Trinity Webinars work:

Webinar access system requirements:

  • Virtually all updated web browsers will work. Internet explorer is now called Microsoft Edge and will work fine.
  • A Broadband (Cable/DSL) connection is highly recommended.
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