What You Need to Know About a PhD in Christian Leadership

One of the degree programs offered through Trinity’s online seminary is a PhD in Christian Leadership.

Who is the PhD in Christian Leadership degree program for?

People in several types of situations can benefit from a PhD in Christian Leadership

  • Pastors of growing churches – Pastors are often trained in seminary programs that are strong on theology, Hebrew, Greek, and preaching. Then once they’ve entered the ministry they find themselves unprepared for the demands of leading a congregation and leading a staff of 5, 10, 20 or more people.  They want to become better leaders, and they want to teach their staff biblical leadership principles and practices.
  • Directors of Parachurch ministries – The local church is not the only place where biblical leadership is needed.  The Lord leads some people to start other types of ministries such as pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, and Christian schools. As a ministry grows, sometimes the founder or director come to realize the biggest thing holding back their ministry from having an even greater impact is their own leadership limitations.
  • Christian Leaders in Business – Sometimes Christians find themselves in business – either leading their own company or working for a secular company – and just are not comfortable with some of the cut-throat leadership principles they are being taught from secular sources. Christian Business Leaders may want to gain leadership training from a biblical perspective.

How long does it take to get a PhD in Christian Leadership?

At Trinity Seminary, the coursework for a PhD in Christian Leadership is 3 years.  Then, a dissertation is required.  Because doctoral dissertations are done independently and self-paced, they can take a year or longer.  However, we try to help our students to narrow the focus of their dissertations so they can complete them in about a year.

What are the prerequisites to a PhD in Christian Leadership?

Any seminary masters degree of 48 credits will meet the prerequisite.  Those with an earned seminary masters of less than 48 credits would be admitted and start doctoral courses but would also be required to take “leveling up” courses at the masters level to meet the 48 credit requirements.

If a student has an earned secular masters in a related field  (i.e. business management) they could be considered for enrollment by the Academic Dean but would be required to take a minimum number of relevancy building masters courses in theological related studies in addition to the listed core.  

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in Christian Leadership, click to read more on the PhD inChristian Leadership page.  We also encourage you to fill out the Request More Information form on the right side of this page.

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