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Trinity's goal is to provide the most accessible, flexible, and adaptable Christian Education experience possible. We fulfill this goal by offering students exciting and innovative study methods to choose from in completing degree requirements. Students can accomplish their education and ministry training goals through a self-paced, independent study format that complements their busy schedule but they can also take advantage of more structured online study environments such as “live” webinar courses. Any combination of these study methods provide students with the opportunity to interact with Trinity faculty and staff whom they otherwise might never meet, while forging new and lasting friendships with other Trinity students.

Independent Study Courses

All of the courses shown in the catalog and on the website are offered in this easy-to-manage format. You can enroll and begin work on these courses at any time during the year and courses are completed at the student’s own pace through an internet delivery system. With the exception of any required textbooks; all of your required course materials (mp3 audio lectures, course syllabus, etc...) will be available to you through the Trinity Online Learning Center 24/7. Provisions can be made for students who need to use a postal or UPS delivery system but additional costs are involved so please speak with an enrollment advisor about this option. The length of time it takes to finish a course is simply going to be determined by the number of hours a student chooses to dedicate to it every week. This format of study is now widely used in both traditional and non traditional programs across the country and is ideal for students who are also balancing the demands of family, church and work.

Trinity Catalog

One-Day Webinar Classes - Accelerated Completion Track (ACT)

These classes have quickly become one of our most popular formats! The ACT classes offer some of the most comprehensive and profound presentations that are sure to engage and challenge the adult learner seeking to expand their ministry or theological education. Like the live evening sessions, these are “real time” online learning events offered in a more intensive learning format. You will attend your “class” online throughout the day, usually beginning at 8 am (CST). You will be joining students from around the nation and world as you view and hear the presentation by one of our leading faculty members, participate in interactive sessions, and complete writing assignments either individually or cooperatively with a group assigned by the lecturers. The intensive, single-day format offers continuity of thought and focus toward the achievement of your educational goal.

One-Day Webinar Class Schedule

Evening Webinar Classes - Accelerated Completion Track (AWE)

Webinars are “real time” online learning events. You will attend your online class one night per week, two hours per evening (usually 6:00 to 8:00 PM, CST), over a four week period and enjoy a live Audio/Video presentation from one of our qualified faculty. You will be online via a virtual classroom with other students from across the country and around the world. These are engaging and interactive events allowing students to see and hear the instructor as well as see the visual presentations given by the teacher and receive required assignments. There are also opportunities, as time allows, for interactive sessions between students and the instructor as well as between the students themselves via a live chat. All course requirements are achieved by the end of the 4th weekly session.

Evening Webinar Class Schedule

Four-Week Online Courses - Accelerated Completion Track (AOC)

Like the Webinar courses; these Online Courses consist of 4 weeks of study. However, the concept of this course is to provide a balance of structured study with weekly assignments without the requirement to be online at a set time and place. There is a presiding faculty and you will have an online resource room but there are no required online sessions other than whatever assignment the faculty requires you to post from week to week in your online resource (class) room. These Online Courses provide students with a certain amount of structure and flexibility while promoting a community of learning. All requirements for these courses can be achieved within the 4-week time frame.

Four-Week Online Course Schedule