Christian Counseling Degree Online – FAQs

Are you interested in earning a Christian counseling degree online or a biblical counseling degree online?

If so you’ve come to the right place. Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary offers several Christian counseling degree and Biblical counseling degree options. In this article we answer some Frequently Asked Questions about getting a Christian counseling degree online… 

What is the difference between a Christian counseling degree and a Biblical counseling degree?

Biblical counseling is counseling in which the bible is the primary source of wisdom and guidance. In a biblical counseling session, the counselor finds, reads, explains and discusses scripture passages that are applicable to the situation the person they are counseling is struggling with. This works well when the person being counseled is a Christian and believes in inerrant of the Bible, but may not be the best option for a non-Christians who may be skeptical of the Bible.

Christian counseling is counseling done in the context of a Christian worldview, principles and values. A wide variety of techniques and resources are used which may not be explicitly Christian or derived directly in the Bible, but they are consistent with the Christian principles. Christian counseling is more applicable to a secular setting where the faith of the person being counseled is unknown or not Christian.

Who should consider getting a Christian Counseling Degree Online?

The students in Trinity’s counseling degree programs tend to fall into one of two groups: pastors and professional counselors.

Pastors – There are many pastors who enter the ministry and then discover they don’t know as much about shepherding their parishioners through the challenges of life as they would like. They want to get better at pastoral care and pastoral counseling. Pastors tend to opt more often for a Biblical counseling degree because the people they will be counseling are believers and they want to sue the bible as their primary resource.

Professional Counselors – The other group of people pursuing degrees at Trinity are people who want to become professional counselors or already are professional counselors and want to learn more and advance their careers. Counselors tend to opt more often for a Christian counseling degree so they can counsel a broader array of people.

What online Christian and Biblical counseling degrees does Trinity offer?

Through our School of Christ-Centered Counseling, Trinity offers Christian counseling degrees and Biblical counseling degrees at the bachelor, master, and doctor levels. So, whether you are interested in getting your pastoral counseling degree onlinemasters in biblical counseling, or dmin in pastoral counseling, we can help you get there.

To learn more about how you can get a Christian counseling degree online, complete the “Request More Info” form on the right side of this page.

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