My Trinity Story with Danny Loeffelholz

Do you feel called to ministry?

Have you started seminary classes but gotten stuck or off-track? Not sure if it’s worth continuing?

In this video, Danny Loeffelholz shares the story of how he got off track and discouraged in seminary, but through Trinity’s online seminary he was able to complete his masters degree and PhD online. Hear the story of his journey.

What will your Trinity story be?

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Danny Loeffelholz, and I am a member of Trinity’s 2016 graduating class.

This past August we joined together as graduates to celebrate the completion of our degree. During that weekend I had the privilege of getting to hear the many different Trinity stories that each student had.

My Trinity story began when my wife Kara and I were newlyweds. I had a deep desire to grow in my relationship with Christ and also had a deep desire to be further equipped as a person who wanted to be a pastor one day. So, I enrolled in Trinity, and my story began at that time.

The first year and a half flew by quickly. I grew so much, I learned so much, I was soaking so much up It was as if I was drinking from a fire hydrant. But then my Trinity’s story came to an abrupt halt. I was pursued by a parachurch ministry in a different state. I took the job. A few years later I was offered the opportunity to come on staff with a local church, and during that time as well my wife and I started a family, and now we are parents of three amazing boys.

During that time life just happened but seminary did not. Over that period I finished only two courses, and it brought me to a point to where I began to question do I continue on with seminary.

One night my wife and I had a very honest conversation about the future and seminary and if that was a part of our future or not. I shared with her I was highly discouraged, and I did not want to go on, but my wife lovingly and gracefully looked at me and said, “Danny I believe that you need to finish this.”

After that conversation, I realized that seminary is not simply a personal journey; it’s actually an entire family journey together. Soon after, I finished my master’s program and then rolled straight into the PhD program, and now my Trinity story is complete.

I don’t know what your Trinity story will look like, I don’t know what will be involved in your Trinity story, but I can tell you this: your Trinity story will include interaction with incredible faculty. I can tell you that the Trinity faculty will be extremely personable but also incredibly servant-hearted. Some of my professors not only taught me an incredible amount of content and theological knowledge but also shepherded my heart through my time in their course.

I can also tell you that your Trinity story will include great theological training that will be gospel-centric and will also be academically challenging. And I can tell you this: that your Trinity story will also include a challenge to your walk with Jesus. It will encourage your walk with Christ. It will challenge your pursuit of him and knowing him more.

So, I encourage you to prayerfully consider what your Trinity story might be.

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