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This is somewhat old news but it came across my screen today and, therefore, I thought since I am in a wonderful team that is working on a new book on this subject I’d make a comment about this. These types of situations astound me. As a follower of Christ I have no ill will towards those with gender identity disorders/sins (a phenomenon that occurs due the fallen world). In fact, I am often concerned as to how people on both sides of this issue treat one another. The pro-LGBT people seem to have a serious problem with deception and dishonesty with the text of Scripture, the laws and discoveries of science, and in understanding natural biology. Scripture unequivocally calls homosexual sex sinful. The best science known to man has not confirmed that the DNA causes homosexuality or gender disorder (in fact it shows just the opposite; see this link from scientist Dr. Neil E. Whitehead: http://www.mygenes.co.nz/PDFs/Ch10.pdf; or see the entire book here: http://www.mygenes.co.nz/download.htm ). And clearly natural anatomy confirms what male anatomical organ properly fits and complements the opposite sex’s organ. To argue against these fundamental basics is like arguing the sun does not radiate heat. 

On the other hand, some confessing Christians have a problem of anger and abusive speech towards those caught in a sin and fallen human condition (a violation of Gal. 6:1-2). We all struggle with various types of sins in our lives. To use derogatory names, to try and humiliate, and/or to act rudely towards those in the LGBT community does not reflect the heart of Christ. Doing that discredits the heart of the Great Commission and is also a fundamental violation of the ultimate goal Jesus has for us here on earth. 

However, it greatly disturbs me (and I would say Christ too) when we move into celebration mode for sin. Should we reward people acting out in their sin and disorder? Should we buy an alcoholic a case of liquor for Christmas? Should we have a celebration service for gluttons who are obese from eating disorders and in doing so promote an all you can eat feast at a buffet bar? Should we buy a heterosexual sex and pornography addict a collection of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition magazines? Hardly would we who are wise and loving do the above. We know such would violate the law of love for neighbor. So why should we condone, enable, and celebrate sinful sexual disorders like homosexuality? A proper understanding of Scripture and a proper understanding biology speaks against unnatural homosexual lifestyles. We should grieve over those caught in this, NOT celebrate it, much less promote those in it into ministerial roles. Those who do show their lack of love and concern for those caught in the sin. 

Of course, many have been terribly deceived into thinking the Bible (and God) do not speak against homosexuality and gender disorder. But to speak of two men or two women being able to join (biologically marry; the joining of natural complementary anatomy and inner natures) is like speaking of a square circle or a circle triangle. It simply does not exist. Even when I read the newly created pro-homosexual and LGBT Bible that has been created to try and revise English biblical texts based on the Greek and Hebrew texts to make their sin more acceptable (or totally purified) in the body of Christ I find they often cannot escape the reality of how clear the Bible is against this type of sexual sin/disorder. Not a single example of a so-called homosexual marriage exists anywhere in Scripture. And even a pro-homosexual teacher like Bishop Gene Robinson acknowledges that the seven texts relating to the debate over homosexuality are clearly “negative,” i.e. whatever those texts speak to it cannot be seen as positive permissions (God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage, p. 91). 

Yet even so, some work very hard to ignore the original meaning of the Hebrew and Greek in order to justify this sin. It is a character problem, a problem of the heart that seeks self justification or justification for a set of people in sin. For example, Dr. A. Nyland (a lexicographer from the University of New England, Australia) tries in her new study bible to discard the original meaning to the words that speak against homosexual sex. Yet even she admits in various places some of the words speaking to this issue refer to “anal penetration” (such as with the Greek word for arsenkoites in 1 Cor. 6:9 and 1 Tim. 1:10). As she says, “arsenokoites” has a semantic range that “includes one who anally penetrates another” (Study New Testament for Lesbians, Gays, Bi, and Transgender, p. 263). That is a startling admission that discredits the pro-homosexual ideology. Male homosexual sex certainly fits into that category. 

I tend to imagine this is like most things that sweep into religious circles. This is likely a fad (sadly maybe a century long one but a fad nonetheless) that has swept into the religious community and because people do not know how to be courageous and kind at the same time many believers have opted to jump on the “be kind wagon” while neglecting the “courage of truth wagon.” This lack of balance is problematic. 

The answer is not an either/or but a both/and. We must be courageous enough to speak the truth about what is a healthy natural biology as well as kind enough to be friends and relational to those caught in the snare of LGBT community and/or lifestyle. I have friends and family members who struggle with homosexuality. I love them and remain friends to them. However, I or any mature follower of Christ cannot enable or condone their lifestyle as that itself would be very unloving. The answer is not to celebrate their sin (and as is being done here by offering them leadership posts in the body of Christ), nor is it to shun them and act in cruel and unkind ways to them. The proper Jesus like approach is to build relationships with these people, and as opportunity arises in natural contexts speak to their heart and mind and attempt to show them a better way to live for Jesus Christ. Many are miserable on the inside, and they have been led astray into trying to celebrate what is unnatural as a way to cover and cloud the inner pain they feel for the brokenness they experience every day of their lives. Let us be agents of healing while not enabling or condoning sin. Both can be done. 


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