Dissertation Loan Request

Trinity Dissertation Loan Request

Trinity Student dissertations are available for loan upon request. Please see the following rules to borrow a dissertation from the Trinity library.


List of Trinity Student Dissertations

Violation of the following will result in fines, loss of degree, or dismissal from school.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Students may keep the dissertation for up to four weeks at a time. Students shall return the dissertation, in safe packaging, in the form and condition in which the dissertation was presented to them.
  2. No marks should be in any way put upon the dissertation itself.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, students are able to copy any parts of the dissertation at their own copying expense. Special care should be taken, however, not to break the binding of the dissertation.
  4. Students borrowing the dissertation shall respect any Copyright arrangements or indication, as marked in the dissertation by its writer. Students who are borrowing the dissertation should take special care to search in the front of the dissertation for any such Copyright statements. If the dissertation has a Copyright insignia in any of its pages, the student shall abide by the stipulations therein.
  5. Prior to the due date, an extension for this loan can be requested by postal mail at the address above or email at contact@trinitysem.edu.
  6. U.S. students may borrow up to two dissertations and International students may borrow one dissertation from the Trinity library during any four week period. I understand the rules and regulations stated above and agree to abide by them.

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