How Trinity Is a Unique Bible College and Online Seminary

What makes Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary different and unique?

Trinity is a 100% online bible college and online seminary.

Many Christian colleges and seminaries have developed online programs, but most still require their students to come to campus at some point.  Some require final exams to be taken on campus.  Some require participation in a compressed, one-week class at least once a year.

Students who participate in these “mostly online” programs incur extra travel expenses.  Since many students who participate in distance learning programs have jobs and families, they are also forced to take vacation days from work and figure out how schedule these campus visits around their ministry and family responsibilities.

Students in Trinity’s online bible college and online seminary programs are able to save money, save time and eliminate the stress and hassle of campus visits.

Trinity Understands Distance Learning and Distance Learners

Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary also comes from a different perspective compared to those Christian colleges and seminaries that are just now dipping their toe in the pool of distance learning.

Trinity was founded in 1969 as a distance education school. Of course, back in 1969 there was no Internet. So, when Trinity started, everything was done via postal service.

This is important because Trinity has always been geared towards adult learners who are learning at a distance.  The faculty and staff of Trinity understand distance learning and distance learners.  We understand that adult learners have busy professional lives, and can be anywhere in the world.

Because Trinity started as a distance learning school, moving into the online age has been a huge advantage for us.  While the advent of online education has forced many bible colleges and seminaries to rethink the way they educate students, for us at Trinity, it has simply sped up and enhanced the process of what we were already doing.

If you are interested in an online bible college or online seminary to advance your education, help you in your ministry, or help you grow in your understanding of and relationship with God and a 100% online degree program would be a good fit for your busy life, we hope you’ll consider Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. 

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