Master’s Degree & PhD in Preaching at Trinity Seminary

Are you interested in getting a master’s degree or PhD in preaching? Are you already pastoring a church and want to improve your expository preaching skills?

In the video below, Dr. Elbert Elliott discuss the preaching degree programs at Trinity Seminary.

For more information on how you can earn a PhD in preaching, we encourage you to read more about the Doctor of Philosophy in Preaching and Pastoral Ministry program.


Video Transcript

Welcome to Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. I’m Dr. Elbert Elliott. People here call me Doctor E. Basically, I deal with pulpit communication, sometimes called expository preaching.

We believe that preaching includes all of the categories that fall under pulpit communication. What we do in Pulpit communication is to help equip people as they go out into ministry to do the thing that they’re called to do which is most important and that’s the proclaim the gospel or to proclaim God’s word, because we believe in biblical preaching. Biblical preaching is the heart of the church. If there is not biblical preaching, the church suffers. That has been proven in history, and it is being proven today.

There are some very good some very good pupliteers out in the world and they’re very some very good preachers, biblical preachers, in the world. There are also a lot of preachers that think they’re preachers but they do not have a Biblical base.

If you come to Trinity, what we will try to do is to teach you to take the scripture and use good hermeneutical principles and to be to be able to interpret scripture accurately and then making an application to the world in which you live, so that the so that the word of God speaks to this culture and attempts to correct the culture and bring it back to what would be the roots of the Christian faith, basically how this country was established and formed.

We have a great variety of preaching courses. For example, we have of course that’s called Contemporary Preaching or Preaching to a Multimedia Generation. We have a course called preaching from the New Testament. We have one, preaching from the Old Testament. We have a course The Hermeneutical Basis of Preaching. We have one, The Theological Basis of Preaching. We have all kinds of courses related to preaching.

I approach preaching from the standpoint of being biblical but also from the standpoint of communication, because I did two degrees in one of the major universities in the country that was one of the premier universities in communication. So we will look at this very seriously. We also used very excellent text books that are very practical. We believe that everything should have some academic integrity but that it should be doable by students.

Basically, as I look, I would give you this as a quick summation. In the courses that we teach, basically I would say that every message, no matter whether it’s an idea that you you come up with or it comes straight from scripture, every message needs a major point, it needs a purpose – and that’s the response you want from the hearers or that God wants – a proposition, which is the message boiled down to basically one sentence, and usually that’s a timeless truth and you can find that in every scripture passage some way. And also it will need an application from that, because no matter where you’re picking your scripture from or your passage, there needs to be application of principles that apply to today to the listeners who hear you. You desire and God desires a response from them.

This is just a little tiny summation of all that we do, but we have seen people go out from the school and become excellent expositors of God’s work. So thank you now for listening to this little small small segment of what we do here. Thank you.

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