My Trinity Story with Rev. Monika Intsiful

Are you a pastor who would like to be better equipt for ministry?

Are you an overseas missionary who would like to earn a ministry degree online because you don’t have seminary near you?

In this video, Rev. Monika Intsiful shares how Trinity’s online seminary was the perfect fit for her unique circumstances, and enabled her to get the additional education and ministry training she needed.

What will your Trinity story be?

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Video Transcript

Hello this is Reverend Monika Intsiful from Dayton Ohio and I am here to express my great gratitude to Trinity Theological Seminary.

It’s been nothing but a blessing to me – the challenging curriculum, the wonderful professors, I mean all the resources that are available – it’s been a blessing I also appreciate the fact of the patients that Trinity has shown to me, because it’s taken me a long time with working and being a missionary pastor overseas and all of that. So, I’m just so grateful and so excited about Trinity

All of their work is clear, concise, and consistent, and challenging – blissfully challenging. So I want to thank Trinity for me being able to matriculate, and I’ll be coming back to school again in the winter. And I would encourage anyone who needs a more education to consider trinity. Not just considered, come on in here and join up!

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