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What do you associate with research? 

     My first graduate class with a secular university was titled, Educational Research.  I was warned if I did not submit the paper, the day it was due I would receive an automatic, guaranteed F.  Ironically, the morning I was supposed to submit my research paper I was the victim of food poisoning.  Thank God for mothers who save the day and become messengers for their own adult children!  Producing that paper and having an angel of a mother are definitely direct results of some desperate prayers.

     Next, I was working as an Educational Research Assistant collecting empirical data.  The only problem seemed to be, I was too honest.  Apparently, my research findings were not consistent with how the research was supposed to align with a funding goal.  I wondered, was it me?  Or was it working for and within an organization with different values.  I suppose it was the combination, because I was definitely free from being called back to record quotes, exactly as I heard them, verbatim – which did not make the research sound like it should be funded.

     Finally, my experience at another government sponsored secular research conference confirmed the void I sensed all along.  Secular research seems to leave something out.  Something was missing.  However, that is just my perspective.

     On the other hand, we can conduct and reference research with a Christian worldview.  Proceeding with this perspective backed up with praying through the process, produces something believers can relate to.  With an insight into thinking, hoping, praying, and being guided by the Holy Spirit, the Christian researcher’s goal is to glorify God, while praying for perseverance until its fruition.

     Add the Christian worldview to research and we will be shedding light on the truth.   With more research conducted within a Christian perspective, we have the potential to multiply research conducted within a Christian worldview.  In addition to producing research papers we could also be inspiring further implications for further investigation, to be conducted by additional Christian researchers with the same worldview.

     Additionally, when we complete research within a Christian worldview we will also be adding to our personal and professional growth, intellectually and spiritually — through the process of researching.

This blog article was originally written as part of the course “Research Within a Christian Worldview,” at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. You can audit the course or talk to us about starting your own journey at Trinity today by filling out the evaluation form to the right of this article. 

Tamara Royal’s work, published by: The Manhattan Times, The Children’s Aid Society, anthologized in Inspiration and “PoemMobile,” and translated into Spanish with projects sponsored by Team Continuum at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, is utilized in workshops with the intention of inspiring others to move forward personally and professionally. She has authored over twelve children’s books, and co-authored two.

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  1. Quency Wallace

    Excellent commentary. Christian research will always have a joyful worldview, full of faith, along side of truthful data.

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