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On-demand webinars are the most popular type of course at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. This video provides an overview of how our on-demand webinar courses work.

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Video Transcript

Greetings. In this video we are going to talk about the on-demand webinar classroom.
Now this classroom functions similarly to the independent study of the traditional web in our classroom, but our on-demand classes are probably the most popular that we have here at Trinity College the Bible and Theological Seminary.

So, when you come to the classroom of course at the top you find the start date and the end dates of the classroom – that would be the end date that would be the start date. Now this date in the middle in this example, 3/6/17 to 4/3/17, marks the 4 week period for which the class runs. And then, of course, the final end date comes down to the additional two weeks for the four weeks of the class runs for students to complete their coursework.

So, there’s 4 weeks in an on-demand webinar in which you can watch the video lectures at anytime during that week and participate in that week’s discussion forum with, of course, the final two weeks after the last week of lecture to finish any remaining reading assignments and writing assignments such as research paper or precis paper or anything else.

Now you have the picture of the professor for the course and his email or her email contact listed below. In this case, it’s Professor Layton Flowers and his email address where you can contact him if you were taking this course for example.

Below that is the textbook information. If you click on that, it’ll take you to the required textbooks for the course. If you hover over the textbooks, it will open up a new window where you can purchase the book from an online store like amazon.com or even the Trinity bookstore. Go back to the main page. You can also just right click and open it, and it’ll take you there. And of course, if you click on the book, it’ll take you to, open up a new window as well.

Here is the “Ask the Professor” forum, which takes you to this page where you can post questions to the professor that you might have, and a news and announcements forum where messages are posted to the class from Trinity professors, Trinity staff, and so forth.

The student cafe is where… it’s just kind of an additional forum where students can hang out and discuss things with their classmates whether they pertain to the course or not.

Now here is some information that you might want to test your browser and make sure you have flash as required to function for the video lectures.

Now below that you have where you upload the assignments for grading. This has three main assignments. You click on the participation assignment, open a new window. It says, “Students are to participate in the weekly discussion forums for participation credit” which is 20% of your grade, will show you where those forums are. Your precis assignments here… these assignments may vary… and of course there’s a precis assignment for two different text books, so that would be two different assignments there and then the main assignment here, which is a presentation paper in this case. But usually there will be three or four assignments, sometimes there’s quizzes in there as well.

And of course when you go to the assignment page, this is where you can choose your file. Say if you have a Word document, you find your Word document on your on your Desktop or whatever folder you have it in, and then you click to upload the file. That will upload your assignment to Trinity, and that way we’ll have your assignment for grading.

Below where the assignments are where you have upload your assignments is the webinar handouts and resources. And here you can download the PowerPoint for the course, and there’s also a version of the PowerPoint in PDF format that will allow you to take notes. So if you download that it looks like this, where you see the PowerPoint. Download it like that and you can print it out and make notes if you would like to. Or you can just download the regular PowerPoint file and follow along as you listen.

Now below that this is where you will find your lectures. Now, the lectures are typically opened up by noon on the day that the course would start. So, in this particular case, the course started on March 6th, so your first week would be there probably opened up by 12 o’clock Central Standard Time on that day, and you’ll find the lectures there. Sometimes they may be there earlier, in rare cases they’re later than that, but usually they’re there by 12 o’clock on the first day if not already there.

So, for this particular week one you have three videos that you can watch at any time during that week, and then below the video is the weekly discussion forum where you respond to the content, anything that that prompted you. And here’s an example where four people posted, and then there’s replies to their postings for that week’s lecture content where they just respond to something in the video, and that constitute their participation credit.

And then the following week there will be more videos. In this case, there are three more videos for week two. And then you have the discussion forum that you again participate in, and responding to the video, and responding to classmates.

Week three, another three videos… The number of videos for each week can vary. They can vary in length varying, vary in number of videos for each week. Some may have one video that’s two hours, others may have more videos but the running time for each video may be less. And of course, again, the discussion forum.

And then the fourth week, where there’s videos for that week of the course and participate in that forum. Below that there is a course survey.

Participating in the weekly discussion forums is required again for full participation credit, and make sure that your prompts are responding to the videos that were for that week’s lessons… week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4. So, you need to participate in each of the forums. And then of course, that that would run from 3/6 in this example to 4/3. But again… you want to make sure you participate in that week for week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 in the discussion forums.

And then you have that final end date 4/17/17 for which you can complete the other assignments for the course. In this case, that would be the two previous assignments and the main assignment. Those are due by the final end date. If you do not have them complete by this end date, you can always contact Trinity and ask for an extension, and the admissions department and student services would be able to help you with getting it an extension if you so need it.

So, that’s basically the overview of the course, how it operates for these on-demand webinars.

When you’re finished with the on-demand webinar be sure and take the course survey. Click on that will take you to a different page. If it doesn’t you just click and redirect you. And then you can fill out the course number, the course name, and then answer a few questions… a few meanings, I don’t know, about 46 different block.

But typically you don’t have to fill in tags; you can just answer the questions honestly, and that helps us to continue to work on our courses and to make sure we’re meeting our students needs and getting valuable feedback from our students. Of course, the survey, be sure and take that before the end date, so that you can still access it, because access to the on-demand webinars are cut off after the end date. So make sure you do… like in this case, you would even have to take the course survey by the 17th as well as upload all your final assignments.

So that is an overview for all of the on-demand webinar classes. They all function pretty much the same – textbook, assignments, and of course the weekly video lectures, and the discussion forum for each week. So, thank you for your time and attention. God bless.

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