College of Biblical Studies FAQs

Interested in getting an online biblical studies degree or a master’s in biblical studies online?

Trinity Bible College and Theological Seminary offers an outstanding online biblical studies degree at the bachelors, masters, and doctorate level. Our college of biblical studies offers learners the perfect opportunity to receive a standard biblical and theological education. Each degree level allows students to focus on areas of study that might be of special interest to them, such as Old Testament prophets or Paul’s epistles, for example. Whether a student is pursuing an initial bachelor’s degree, a doctorate degree, or a masters in biblical studies online, our college meets a variety of educational needs.

College of Biblical Studies Degree Programs for Pastors

Anyone can enroll in our college of biblical studies, as our programs are aimed at a variety of people. Pastors, for example, may benefit from our masters in biblical studies online program. This program helps expand and broaden their knowledge of the Bible and understanding of theology. This online biblical studies degree gives them the background to be able to answer tough questions, such as “why do bad things happen to good people?” There is an entire course devoted to exploring those tough topics.

College of Biblical Studies Degree Programs for Lay People

Lay people and church leaders are also great candidates for our college o biblical studies. Often times, church leaders or members simply desire to expand their own biblical knowledge and theological understanding. They may pursue a bachelors or even a masters in biblical studies online. Trinity’s programs can help expand and challenge someone’s thinking and knowledge of Christian faith and the Bible.

The reasons why someone might pursue an online biblical studies degree are as varied as the students who enroll in our programs. Generally, the students in our biblical studies programs are looking to receive a standard biblical and theological education in order to broaden their own knowledge and deepen their Christian faith.

100% Online College of Biblical Studies

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Trinity is that our programs are completely online. That means that 100% of our courses are available to you where you are at any time. Our degree programs offer flexibility to our students. Whether you are working, taking care of your family, or traveling abroad, our programs are designed with you in mind.

Click to learn more about Trinity’s college of biblical studies or complete the “Request More Information” form on the right. We’ll be delighted to answer your questions and help you explore Trinity’s degree options.


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