Postmodern Theatrics

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Postmodern Theatrics

By Charles Marango 

It is almost impossible to discuss differing worldviews without looking at or considering the intervening forces affecting human cultures across the globe. No matter how ‘different’ these cultures may appear, there appears to be an all-encompassing agenda that is common at all times – Rebellion against Godly authority. Postmodernism is well-described in Romans 1 by the Apostle Paul as ‘ungodliness and unrighteousness of men’ (verse 18).

At the centre of this are competing religious beliefs which seek to ‘fill the vacuum’ created by the departure from the original purpose given by God. These religions offer propositional truth claims ‘that answer life’s biggest questions’: Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? What am I supposed to do?

What makes it complicated for these Skeptics is that they want to try everything else that does not glorify God nor give thanks but become vain in their reasoning’s and their senseless heart ‘was darkened’. Skeptics have used Science, matter, evolution and other ideologies to try and disprove creation rather than prove their own theories which can be trashed as Worldviews. There is no evidence that can hold their beliefs as truth in the long term. Christianity on the other hand is not just a Worldview; it is Truth, it is reality and it has empirical evidence to prove its claims. There are witnesses in the Christian story. Its historicity is well documented even in secular books. We start by what can be seen; the church exists and the bible exists. we will show the skeptic that unlike their made up’ theories the bible has explanatory power and is consistent in accuracy and absolute in truth. This truth is not affected by time or generations of men because it remains relevant to all people forever.

Relativism denies Truth yet the same worldview has a hard time trying to defend its philosophy. They deny that there is a mind or soul or the spirit because doing so would destroy their claims. They cannot explain the abstract phenomenon in humans such as morality. They treat this as fictitious imagination!
There is also another undeniable proof of nature. Its design bears testimony to the intelligent designer – it didn’t just happen. Nature is real and good. Nature is a deliberate provision of sustenance by God who created man in His image to enjoy fellowship with Him. Also the fact that man is distinct from other creatures in that he reasons shows that there is a ‘designer’ who has a mind and feelings.
I believe the bible has all the ‘proofs’ of the fundamental questions of life above and can help disprove any Worldview that opposes the true God.

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