Spider Man Vs. Jesus!

by Dr. Mark Sewell

A pre-Christian friend posted this statement by Dag Soras: “Why is it called northern mythology when they talk about Thor and Odin, but when you come to God and Allah it’s suddenly called religion? The difference is of course that most of us have realized that Thor and Odin don’t exist. But only a few of us have realized that the others are just fantasy too. I mean Christians are atheists when it comes to Thor and Oden. It’s like saying, “I know Batman and Superman is just fantasy, but I have a close and personal relationship with Spider-man”.” Then, as if this was not enough, another person posted the statement: “I worship nature – Don’t Laugh – I can prove it exists”

With this backdrop it becomes painfully evident and relevant for our Jesus communities to understand how to defend the very existence of our living and active God. Or put another way: Is God a fantasy or reality? As a community we are challenged to accept any belief, regardless of its truth. When we are unable to counter these diverse beliefs our own understanding of God becomes diluted. Our own understand of who Jesus is and what he has done for us becomes trivialized. It is for this reason that we must compassionately counter our culture. In living out our grace and forgiveness through Jesus, we must be able to articulate why our God is real!

Our pre-Christian friends are of the opinion that only what can be seen actually exists. Only that which can interact with one’s senses can truly be real. Rather than to argue that point it would be helpful to expand their understanding. What is the original cause for the existence of the nature that you are worshiping. If in fact, they are worshiping nature, there has been a conclusion that it already exists.

Building upon that conclusion that nature exists, we then discuss the original cause for its existence. As with many people who worship nature or are involved with Norse religions, there is already an affinity for spirituality. It is at this point that the introduction of God as the cause of the existence can begin.

Realistically, for the universe to take shape there must have been a power that was and is operating beyond our understanding of time space and energy. A timeless spiritual force that is space-less and non-material. This would be a spiritual force that could initiate a starting point for nature to exist.

This creative force is not a random force of nature that resulted in complex systems across vast phenomena but rather an intentional creative force – God.

Furthermore – if we only understand reality by what we can personally interact with, how does one reconcile the past generations? By what criteria do our pre-Christian friends verify the existence of the past not to mention, their own personal past.

When we begin to create a fissure in ones reasoning for the very existence of God, we can then begin to build upon that opening. By demonstrating grace, by reflecting the love of Christ in practical and meaningful ways, that fissure will begin to increase and further discussions can transpire. The ultimate purpose is, and always has been to help others realize we are all broken and desperately need a savior – Jesus! Apologetics is evangelism and should be an effective tool to clearly communicate the unfailing love of God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit!

Spider-Man Vs. Jesus: Fantasy or Reality? What are your thoughts?

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