Trinity & The Muslim World

Trinity is training 367 individuals for the gospel ministry in various Muslim countries. Through our partnership with another organization, several of our Trinity programs have been translated and their videos dubbed into the Farsi language. This is so incredibly powerful in that by beaming these videos into the Muslim world, in the listeners own language, not only have we coordinated with so many who wish to study with us, but many more are learning about Christianity by absorbing our content simply out of interest.

I cannot underscore this enough!  We are doing something truly unique. Trinity is training the next generation of pastors, counselors, evangelists, apologists, theologians, and Bible scholars who are going to reach their own neighbors.

Click this link – for more detailed information regarding this important but dangerous Missionary Project ministry that Trinity has developed.

Islam may be the world’s largest religion in the next several decades. We need an incredible movement of God among the Islamic nations that will lead to the salvation of many. 

Pray that God would lead you in how you might support this incredible missionary endeavor. This amounts to a full-court press from Trinity in a strategic effort to benefit the Kingdom.

Click here for more details on Trinity’s missionary project.  You’ll learn what is happening directly from our international ministry partners —


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