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Trinity’s online school of ministry has so much to offer. Whether you’re pursuing a route to become a pastor, a children’s minister, a worship leader, or any other ministry position within the local church, Trinity has a vast array of programs and degrees.

What degree programs are offered at the school of practical ministry?

One of our most real-world programs is our school of practical ministry. Our online school of ministry offers degrees at the bachelor, master, and doctorate level. At this online ministry school, you’ll find such areas of study such as: Christian education, pulpit communication, church planting, digital ministry and worship arts, prison ministry, and life coaching, just to name a few.

Who should consider these degree programs?

The Trinity school for ministry provides a hands-on, uber practical education experience for ministry leaders. Pastors, youth leaders, worship leaders, church planters, missionaries, and church ministry directors would all greatly benefit from the diverse and helpful programs offered through our online school of ministry. Whether you’re seeking a master of ministry degree or are new to church work and are hoping to achieve your first bachelor degree, our online ministry school couldn’t be a more appropriate choice.

Our students are not only pastors and church leaders, but missionaries and students from foreign countries who are seeking to bolster their knowledge for church planting and Christian outreach. With the practical, day-to-day studies that our online ministry school has to offer, it’s no wonder that is has become one of Trinity’s most popular programs!

Why should someone pursue one of these degrees?

Ministering to people requires more knowledge and understanding than knowing the Bible inside and out and obtaining a solid theological base. While these things are extremely important, they will not necessarily provide you with the knowledge to deal with difficult situations and questions. People require sincere care and understanding.

This is why each of the practical programs at our Trinity school for ministry was created by experienced pastors. These programs provide ministry leaders with the “nuts and bolts” of pastoral care and Christian leadership, from the perspective of pastors – ministry leaders – who have been there, done that.

If you already have a biblical or theological degree, you have been blessed with a solid Christian foundation. If you now feel like you need more practical skills for the specific type of ministry God is calling you to, consider the programs at Trinity’s online school of practical.

For more information about Trinity’s online school of ministry, call us at 1-800-457-5510 or complete the Request More Information form on the right side of this page.

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