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Are you considering taking a Christian apologetics course or pursuing an online apologetics degree?

Dr. Braxton Hunter, president of Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, explains Trinity’s apologetics classes and what makes the bachelor, master, and doctor apologetics degree programs at Trinity practical and unique.

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Online Apologetics Degrees and Courses at Trinity – Video Transcript

Greetings. I’m Dr. Braxton hunter and I want to take just a moment to tell you about Trinity’s degree programs in Christian apologetics.

As the president of Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, the apologetics and evangelism programs have a special place in my heart. We believe at Trinity – I believe- that evangelism and apologetics are related in a greatly integrated way. And it’s for that reason that evangelism is at the heart of everything we do in Christian apologetics.

Contemporary Apologetics 1

I teach the foundational course in apologetics at this school, which is contemporary apologetics 1. And in that course, we’ll go over some of the reasons why Christian apologetics is important, a little bit of the history, some biblical foundation, because we want to know that the Bible serves as our foundation for every discipline everything we do, when we serve in the kingdom of God.

But on top of that, we’ll move on to talk about various methodologies for Christian apologetics. We’ll cover classical apologetics, evidential apologetics, cumulative case presuppositionalism, and reformed epistemology, so that you can bring your doctrinal positions to bear on the best approach for you for your type of ministry.

Then we’ll talk about various criticisms of the Christian faith. If Christian apologetics is the defense of the Christian worldview, then we want to know how to defend it against some of the best arguments and evidences brought against our position from atheists, Muslims, and other opposing world views.

Then we’ll talk about various arguments for God’s existence, and that’s one of my favorite parts of the course. We’ll talk about some of the philosophical stuff and even some of the scientific data that comes to bear on these things. And then after we talked about the theistic arguments, the arguments for God’s existence, we do an expansive resurrection case, so that you know how to defend the historical centerpiece of Christianity, the resurrection.

And then we round out that course by talking a little bit about how you can practically use these principles to reach people for the Lord Jesus Christ or to build up the faith of those who are already believers in your community. And that’s just one of the many courses that we offer but it does serve as an overview.

More Christian Apologetics Courses at Trinity

We have an entire course devoted to the problem of evil – why would a good God allow suffering and pain in this world. We have a course on cults and world religions. And we have a course that talks about how to do evangelism in a way that involves Christian apologetics and to set up events that our evangelistic apologetic events.

Many of the… or at least several of the books that we use in these programs are written by Trinity professors, and I think you would just love this program.

We believe that you can go from not knowing much of anything about Christian apologetics to being comfortable enough to use these things in, really, a short period of time, maybe after a couple of courses. And I can promise you this: by the time that the first course in this program is done, you can be a Christian apologist. Even if you’re not to the point yet where you can give answers and be an “answer giver” in that sense, you can be an “answer finder” for people, because you’ll have the resources, you’ll know who to call, you’ll know what books to read to find those answers for people in your life, so that you can be an evangelistic apologist, I think, from day one at Trinity in one sense or another.

I hope that you’ll consider this course and this program in Christian apologetics at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. Trinity is becoming more and more known for apologetics.

Practical Christian Apologetics for Evangelism

But in a golden age at least in terms of resources on offer when it comes to Christian apologetics, Trinity is a little bit different in that there aren’t many resources out there – there are a few but there aren’t many resources out there – that are really aimed at you using apologetics to actually do something, to reach people for Christ.

We don’t just want to use apologetics for intellectual stimulation or for something to kind of just geek out about or as a personal hobby. We want you to use it to reach people for Christ and, as I said, to build up the faith of those who are already believers. And at Trinity we want you to know how to use these things practically.

If that’s what’s on your heart, if evangelism and what the Bible has to say is that important to you, and you feel like maybe God is gifted you or calling you to the field of Christian apologetics, I think that Trinity is a school that you definitely need to consider, because this program I believe will strengthen your faith and give you what you need to be a Christian apologist.

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