What is Systematic Theology?

Have you ever come across the term “systematic theology”?

It’s not a phrase that would likely come up in daily conversation, but if you are considering an online biblical studies degree, this term may be one you’ve encountered before. Religious academic terms can seem like a foreign language if you’re not familiar with them. So then, what does systematic theology mean?

An Explanation of Systematic Theology

systematic theology is studying how all the different components of God and faith fit together. It’s kind of like putting theology into a framework. The purpose of organizing theology this way is so that it can be united and comprehended in a single worldview.

There are so many different parts of theology, such as creation, birth, death, and the nature of God, just to name a few. Each of these components can be studied separately, but when we study them all together we see how they fit together. systematic theology looks at all the parts of theology and comes up with a consistent picture. These parts are not meant to be contradictory, but to be consistent and unified.

Studying Systematic Theology in an Online Biblical Studies Degree

Systematic theology can be studied at the bachelors, masters, and doctorate level. Students who are preparing for work in ministry or biblical outreach might enroll in our college of biblical studies at the bachelor level. Those who are pursuing a masters in biblical studies online might be pastors or other church professionals who are seeking to broaden their theological knowledge.

Our online biblical studies degree at the doctorate level is available for those who are hoping to teach at the collegiate level or who are working toward a professional career.

The term “Systematic theology” might sound intimidating, but this course of study is both fascinating and helpful. It’s a great degree program for a pastor who is seeking a masters in biblical studies online or for anyone who wants to better understand God and the Christian worldview. And, since our degree programs are completely online, they are the perfect option for parents, working adults, busy professionals, or world travelers.

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